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Ask away............

Q:  When do I need to contact you?

A:  As soon as you have a date.  Large events like weddings and galas require much more planning.... so call early    

      and we can get started.


Q:  What days are you open for business?

A:  We are available 24/7 and our staffing team works whenever needed. 


Q:  How do I know what I need?

A:  You don't.  that is where we come in.  We listen to your wants, needs and restrictions and make 

      recommendations based on you.


Q:  What staff is available?

A:  Everything from greeters/models to waitstaff and bartenders.  We also provide security and general labor.


Q:  What is included?

A:   We select, train and assign the right staff for the job.  We manage the entire process.... you place an order and  

      they show up.  We also have seasoned managers available to help run your event.  All staff if under your

      direction and control.


Q:  What catering choices do you offer?

A:   Our culinary team is well versed in all areas of cooking and baking.  Meet with a consultant to get started.


Q:  What can I rent?

A:  Everything!!!  Tenting to tables, chairs, china, silver, linens......... etc.......



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